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Does WordPress Suck?

The original version of this post appeared in my email newsletter. If you like this content, subscribe to my fortnightly emails. Recently, I’ve been trying to challenge the assumptions I’ve made over the years about business and design. I’ve been looking at the things I take for granted, and trying to figure out if they’re […]

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Gutenberg Won’t Fix the Problems with WordPress

WordPress is on the verge of launching perhaps the biggest change in the history of the platform: a brand new approach to editing pages and blog posts. Known as “Gutenberg”, this new interface will replace the current WYSIWYG (What You See Is Not What You Get) editor with the launch of WordPress version 5.0 (expected […]

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Client Experience is the New Differentiator in Marketing & Design

We are living in an era of huge product differentiation – fast food menus have ballooned over the last few decades, car makers each sell half a dozen different brands of SUV, and there are endless varieties of consumer products in every supermarket. This diversification strategy is common in mature markets – categories of products […]

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